Natural Turmeric Powder - Darjeeling


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Natural Turmeric Powder - Darjeeling

IMMUNITY BOOSTER “Turmeric Powder”, From the mountains of Darjeeling, West Bengal. It is a golden spice and is finely grounded from the pure natural turmeric, obtained from the beautiful mountains of Darjeeling. It is organically grown and the rich climatic conditions of Darjeeling gives turmeric powder a strong aroma and distinct color and flavor. 

Turmeric is native to Southeast Asia and mostly grows in Asia and Central America. India produces 78% of global supply of turmeric. It is derived from the roots of the plant Curcuma longa-a perennial plant belonging to the ginger family. It contains 3% of curcumin, an important compound. Turmeric powder is obtained by grinding fresh turmeric. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and medicinal properties.

Turmeric Powder also known as “Haldi” is considered to be one of the healthiest spices around the world and is an important spice of Indian dishes as it adds a distinct flavor and color to the food. It helps in nourishing the body and is a powerhouse of health benefits like- boosts immunity, improves skin and is used as a face mask, reduces pain, lowers cholesterol, improves cognitive functions, relieves arthritis, prevents heart diseases, prevents cancer, helps in treating alzheimer’s, reduces stress and depression, aids digestion, prevents ageing, reduces cardiovascular complications, aids digestion, maintains blood sugar levels, treats asthma, reduces liver diseases, promotes weight loss, treats psoriasis etc. It is the most important immunity booster which is used across the world for Covid-19.

Turmeric Powder is a versatile spice and is used for making healthy delicious dishes, turmeric tea, turmeric latte also known as “golden milk”, curries, salads, soups, medicines, cosmetics etc. It is an important ingredient in India for cooking and is used on a day to day basis. It is used in dye as well.

One can consume 500mg-2000mg of Turmeric powder each day. Extreme consumption of it may have an adverse effect. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies and people having a history of kidney stones should be careful.

No chemicals, pesticides, color, preservatives or additives of flavor is added.
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