Organic Brown Rice - West Bengal


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Organic Brown Rice - West Bengal

Organic “Brown Rice”, From West Midnapore, West Bengal. It is organically grown and is hand harvested only. The geographical location and pollution free environment of West Bengal gives Brown Rice a unique flavor and characteristics. It has a nutty flavor and chewy texture.

Brown Rice is the healthiest rice and is a source of staple food consumed by people around the world. It is a whole grain because it contains bran, germ and endosperm. The outer protective shell known as hull is removed. It is healthier than white rice because it is a whole grain and white rice is a refined grain. It is either unmilled or partially milled while white rice is milled. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains thiamine, niacin, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, selenium and protein. It contains antinutrients-phytic acid/phytate.

Brown Rice is highly nutritious and has many health benefits like-lowers blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduces the risk of heart diseases, prevents cancer, promotes weight loss, lowers cholesterol, nourishes gut bacteria, develops bones, increases longevity, aids digestion, boosts immunity, reduces obesity, heals the wound, reduces blood pressure, prevents the risk of stroke, relieves constipation, helps in the function of nerves, helps thyroid function, helps liver work at an optimal level, good for skin, promotes fullness, prevents blood clots etc.

Brown Rice is a versatile grain and is gluten free. It is used like white rice only and is used in almost all the cuisines across the world from soups to desserts, everything. It can be consumed at any time of the day and should not be consumed in access. It should be soaked in water for around half an hour and then rinsed thoroughly and it takes about 45 mins to cook (It needs almost double the amount of water-1:2). It takes more time to cook than white rice. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies and children should consume it as it is very nutritious. Diabetes patients should consume it in moderation. It should be stored in an air tight container and has a shelf life of 6 months.

No chemicals, pesticides, color, preservatives, toxins or additives of flavor is added.
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