Organic Quinoa - Uttarakhand


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Organic Quinoa - Uttarakhand

Presenting “Organic Quinoa, from the beautiful fields of Uttarakhand. They are organically grown and they look like a seed and are handpicked. The geographical location of Uttarakhand and the pollution free environment of it gives a natural flavor. 

Quinoa is basically a whole grain-a seed extracted from the Chenopodium quinoa plant and is known as “mother of all grains”. It is from the same family as that of a beet, chard and spinach. It originated in South America and now it grows in China, North America, India and some European countries as well. It has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-cancer and anti-depressant properties. It contains nutrients like-fiber, manganese, magnesium, carbohydrate, phosphorous, folate, copper, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B3 and vitamin E. It is a good source of proteins and contains 9 essential amino acids. It is very nutritious and has numerous health benefits like-reduces blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, promotes weight loss, reduces the risk of heart diseases, helps in growth and development, reduces constipation, reduces the risk of cancer, reduces depression, improves metabolism, reduces the risk of eye diseases, increases brain functions, regulates the temperature of the body, helps in the growth and repair of tissues, alleviates migraines strengthens teeth and bones and detoxes the body. 

Quinoa is also known as “superfood” or a “supergrain”. Nowadays its demand has increased and is gluten free. It is consumed like normal other grains and is a substitute of rice. It is used in making salads, soups, porridge, burgers, flour, flakes, cereals, pastas, breads, chocolates, chips, breakfast bowls and desserts. 

One should rinse quinoa before cooking it and remove the outer coating called “saponin” otherwise they will taste bitter. They become fluffy and creamy once cooked. 

No chemicals, pesticides or color is used. 
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