Organic Tulaipanji Rice - West Bengal

Organic “Tulaipanji Rice”, from Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal. It is organically grown and is hand harvested only. The geographical location and pollution free environment of West Bengal gives Tulaipanji Rice a distinct aroma and flavor. It has a long, fluffy and lustrous texture and resembles that of white cotton like clouds.

Tulaipanji Rice received Geographical Indication Tag of India in 2017 and is also known as “Basmati of North Bengal”. Its name originated from the “Tulai” river of West Bengal and is a staple diet of the people of West Bengal. It is mostly cultivated in Uttar Dinajpur. It is grown traditionally for more than 100 years in jute harvested fields during the Aug-Dec period. Farmers say that the right amount of moisture, soil health and fertility determine the quality of it. Because of the encouragement of the state government it’s cultivation increased by 45% in just 3 years. In 2012, the government of West Bengal sent it to the food festival at the London Olympics.

Tulaipanji Rice is an indigenous aromatic rice landrace grown in West Bengal. It has an excellent aroma because of the presence of 3 organic chemicals and it retains its aroma upto a year. It contains amylose and protein and has high fiber. It has high nutritional value and has many health benefits like-boosts immunity system, aids digestion, lowers diabetes, lowers cholesterol etc. It has comparable qualities like hulling, milling, head rice recovery and alkali value.

Tulaipanji Rice is very popular in the domestic market and has unique quality features. It is used as an alternative occasional table rice and is specially used to make pulao, fried rice, biryani etc. When cooked it is tasty and has a good texture-bright in appearance and non-sticky. It should be in water (It needs almost double the amount of water-1:2) then rinsed and should be cooked in boiling water for about 8-10 minutes. The natural aroma and taste is felt during boiling. It should be stored in an air tight container and has a long shelf life.

No chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, toxins or additives of flavor is added.
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